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Eminence Medical Equipment is a world leading company in
Vectorcardiography (VCG) devices.

CardioHealth and Telemedicine System of Eminence is a low cost
solution to the world for an effective control of heart disease
- by reducing 20% - 30% in incidence and death due to heart diseases


A "dream device" for sophisticated Cardiologists to make
"accurate diagnosis" of heart diseases.
Prof. of Cardiology, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Vectorcardiography (VCG)

Vectorcardiography is a method of recording the magnitude as well as direction of the electrical forces generated by the heart in a continuous series of vectors that form curving lines around a central point.

VCG recordings are in 3 planes: Horizontal, Frontal and Left/Right Sagital.

Normal QRS Loop:
Normal QRS Loop: Horizontal Plane, Frontal Plane, Right Sagittal Plane

Learning VCG

Eminence has books, DVDs and training course in VCG. If you are interested in learning VCG, please contact us.

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Superiority of Vectorcardiography (VCG) over ECG/EKG in Clinical Diagnosis

Clinical research reports have shown that VCG is more sensitive and specific than ECG/EKG in clinical diagnosis:

  • Early diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease(Ischemic Heart Disease)
  • Early diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack)
  • Early diagnosis of Heart Failure
  • Differential diagnosis of Complex Heart Diseases
  • Diagnosis of Arrythmia
  • Diagnosis of Sudden Cardiac Death

Superiority of VCG


Significance of VCG in Cardiology Diagnosis in 21st century

Prof. Andres Ricardo Perez Riera

Until the middle 80s, it was believed that the vectocardiogram presented a greater specificity, sensitivity and accuracy in comparison to the conventional electrocardiogram, in the diagnosis of the different heart diseases.

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